THE WIFE follows a young Hasidic woman who befriends her gentrifying neighbors — and what starts as an innocent relationship quickly spirals into a series of events that unravel their entire urban community.  Set in a deconstructed playing environment exposing the Manhattan skyline, THE WIFE is a blackly comic take on the tragedy of

From the playwright:

I wanted to re-create the experience of living in an environment like New York City, where you are buttressed next to your neighbors but have no idea (or interest) in getting to know them enough to form a community.  Through the course of the play, every character shows off a radically different side of their being, based on the (sometimes random) person they are talking to.  As such, the play does not focus on building character arcs, but rather strings of action that make a complete person in the viewer’s mind.  Kind people turn venomous; cruel people are reduced to acts of compassion.  The point I guess is to say that at the core of our humanity is also the need to suppress our best qualities in the face of other people whose appearance is different than ours.  I don’t really know why people (myself included) do that, but I do hope people think about it as they’re leaving the production.

Funding sources / awards:

–   Developed as part of Page73 Productions Fellowship, Brooklyn, www.p73.org

–   Workshopped with residency at The Lark Play Development Center, New York, www.larktheatre.org

–   Pre-Production staging provided via residency at IRT Theater, New York, http://irttheater.org/