THE WIFE press

“Excellent … ‘The Wife’ is a brew all Mr. Smith’s own … a sort of warped, contemporary La Ronde.”
Rachel Saltz, NEW YORK TIMES
Thrilling … a sad, frightening and often extremely funny drama”
Benjamin Sutton, L MAGAZINE
“Haunting … THE WIFE will leave you well entertained and thoughtful – a great thing to achieve.”
Unnerving and intense … what we are watching is a world coughing up on the lines of separation that we have created throughout the years.”
Matthew Paul Olmos, THE BROOKLYN RAIL
Sure to leave you reeling. Through the dark and crazy plot connections are made, paths crossed, and lives destroyed.  All this and more bat-shit-psycho crazy in 75 minutes with no intermission.  The acting is top notch and the writing is superb.”
Doug Marino, ACT III
Jody Christopherson interview, NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEW

the best thing ever

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New York Theatre Review interviews Tommy Smith

Jody Christopherson asks Tommy about The Wife right here.

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Production Photos

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Caitlin McDonough Thayer (RUTH, right) and Jacob Knoll (JAKE, left).

photos: Luke Norby

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Cubby Hole speech

Watch by clicking this.

Caitlin McDonough-Thayer as Ruth in “The Wife.”

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moments from satellite

Rebecca Hart, our headliner, sans the Sexy Children.

Caitlin McDonough-Thayer (who plays “Ruth”) admires Indiana Jones: The Pinball Game.

Mary Jane Gibson (left, who plays “Nance”) auctioning off director May Adrales.

the crowd

all shot by Dorit Avganim

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“Wife” party on October 7 @ SATELLITE LOUNGE

THE WIFE will be going up this December in The Gallery at Access Theater! Join us in a night of fun and celebration as we raise funds and raise a glass to this incredible show at one of the best bars in Billy-burgh.

  • Come hear the stunning vocals of Eisa Davis!
  • Hear the musical stylings of Rebecca Hart  and the Sexy Children!
  • Win an Auctioned Date with one of our HOT crew and Cast members!
  • Win Silent Auction Items that’ll make your friends swoon!

DRINK SPECIAL: $5 PBR and Whiskey shot!

$10 cover, Drink Special goes ALL NIGHT!

Satellite Lounge, 143 Havemeyer St. (btwn S1st & S2nd) ●L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan

8pm – Whenever!

Equal parts black comedy and psychological drama, The Wife centers around Ruth, a Hasidic woman who befriends her white neighbors. What seems at first an innocent relationship quickly escalates, and the play spirals into a series of events which unravel an entire community. With wit, humor, and wisdom, Smith’s play exposes the best and worst parts of humanity, kind people turn venomous, and cruel people act with compassion.


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This is the second post.

Basically, this is to see how it’s going to look like with just a bunch of text.  You know, for kicks.

Keep at it.  It’s such a tricky business.  You want to do your art but you’ve got to live, so you’ve got to have a job, and then sometimes you’re too tired to do your art.  But if you love what you’re doing, you’re going to keep on doing it anyway.  I’ve been very lucky. Along the way there are people who help us.   I’ve had plenty of people in life who’ve helped me go to the next step. And you get that help because you’ve done something, so you have to keep doing it.  So much of what happened to me was good fortune, but I would say, try to get a job that gives you some time.  Get your sleep, and a little bit of food, and work as much as you can.  There’s so much enjoyment in doing what you love.  Maybe this will open doors and you’ll find a way to do what you love.  I hope you do. — David Lynch

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